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Friends For Life LLC is your provider for a wide variety of home care services solutions, serving every individual’s needs at home in St. Louis, Missouri. We live for uplifting the elderly and physically challenged members of the community, promoting their rights and consistently providing the highest level and varieties of care that would enable them to continue living happily and independently closer to the people who love and support them. With the steadfast courage and motivation of our caregivers to enhance the lives of the people we serve, we will continue to build deeper relationships within families and their loved ones by delivering exceptional quality care services consistently.
If ever you need immediate, long-term, or even transportation to a doctor’s appointment, Friends For Life LLC can help you promptly and efficiently.


Our mission is to serve you the highest quality of care tailored to your own special needs so we can help you maintain your independence and dignity from the comfort of your own home.

We want each and all of you to experience excellent care with us, concentrating on your comfort, dignity, justice, independence, and respect. We also closely monitor our employees, building a team-oriented working environment that will develop the personal satisfaction and professional growth of our staff.


We hope to add value and substance to you while creating a better everyday life, making your experience at home as comfortable as possible. We want to be recognized and valued for our enduring dedication to provide premium, innovative, and compassionate home care that serves the unique health needs of all our patients.